Mediterranean Beauty Rituals Part 1: Ancient Greece

The majority of ancient civilisations had different perceptions of beauty. The Greeks believed that if someone had a beautiful body then this would be equal to a beautiful mind too. In other words, inner perfection was achieved in symbiosis with a well presented external look. The Ancient Greeks were incredibly conscious of their appearance and their ideas of beauty. This mind set was proliferated, and is visible, through the statues, architecture and clothing associated with this ancient civilisation. Due to the consciousness of their appearance the Greeks constantly sought to improve and perfect their appearance, therefore they were incredibly keen on gymnastics and cosmetics.

In fact, the word cosmetics is derived from the Greek word τέχνη (kosmetikē tekhnē), meaning ‘technique of dress and ornament’.

Olive Oil

Olive oil had a special place in the everyday lives of Ancient Greeks. It was considered a super ingredient for both medicinal and cosmetic uses. Hippocrates ‘the father of medicine’ called olive oil ‘the great healer’ and Homer referred to it as ‘liquid gold’. Olive oil is full of essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins; a real super food for the skin! We use the finest quality Greek olive oil in the majority of our products, and you may in fact say it is our hero ingredient, our Heracles.


We use the finest Greek olive oil in all of our products, some examples are our Body Oil and Revitalising Body Milk, click the links to shop for the products. 

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Another popular Ancient Greek food hailed for its medicinal and cosmetic qualities was honey. Honey’s natural antibacterial qualities saw it being used on wounds and areas of the skin afflicted by dermatological diseases. It was also commonplace for honey and olive oil to be mixed into a beauty mask by our Greek forbears, as it was hailed too for its ability to sooth and soften the skin. 

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Greek Yogurt

When it comes to Greek products, there aren’t many more famous than yogurt! Yogurt has been produced in Greece for millennia and for more than just eating. The Ancient Greeks used yogurt to remove dead skin cells from their bodies and tighten their pores. Yogurt is a fantastic natural product and is rich in Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin B complexes and Lactic acid.


Skin exfoliation was as important in Ancient Greece as it is today. Through exfoliation, Greeks believed that they could be purified and cleansed. Natural exfoliation was usually achieved through the application of sea salt and crushed seeds of olives, almonds and other nuts. The Greeks would combine them with olive oil to create what we now would call a scrub. We used this tradition of natural ingredients to develop and create our Olive Oil and Almond Body Scrub, which cleanses and exfoliates effectively.

Ancient Origins, Modern Applications

As you can see, there are some great lessons to be learnt from the Ancient Greeks on how to look after and improve our skin. We use only the most natural and beneficial ingredients in all of our products. Stay tuned for the next Mediterranean Beauty Rituals post, where we will discuss how the nobles of Ancient Egypt looked after their skin, and how we still follow in their footsteps!

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